New Incentive

So I’m talking to my daughters about this crazy idea I have going.  You know, the one where I’m going to shave my head.  And just as much as they hate the beard, they hate the idea of me being bald even MORE!  So, we talk about it a bit more, and they come up with a brilliant idea:  if I meet my $1000 goal, I will get my legs waxed!

Now, I’m not a particularly hairy guy in general, but my legs … well, let’s just say there’s enough there that will certainly be painful!   And,  yes, I will video the whole excruciating ordeal and put it up on youtube, just for you my lovely donors!

So, there’s your new incentive to donate.  Not only will I completely shave, and be clean-shaven for the first time in over 20 years, but I will also have bare, smooth legs, and a yelling, screaming video to boot!  Who wouldn’t want to see that??

Donate now and help me reach my goal!


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